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design and construction

Garden design
We are extremely experienced in designing and making full use of all spaces with creativity. We work with the client and other designers by offering a comprehensive service that understands and translates the customer’s needs.

Meet the client
1) We offer a free consultancy with the client to identify the customer requirements. We discuss the potential and the expectations
of the client and the financial budget.

Design the garden
2) We agree the process and prepare a costing of the project and, if required, carry
out a full survey and drawing at an agreed consultancy rate, presenting the client with
a full garden design with visuals.

Planting Plan
3) This can be carried out prior to works, during works or on completion of works.
We will create a full planting scheme allied
to the design and to client’s budget.


Project Manage the garden
4) We completely control and project manage the design and construction of the garden. We work with our own design team and, in the case of other designers/architects, we carry out all of the required instructions ensuring high quality workmanship within budget.

5) We work from concept to completion and assure the client continuous communication on a regular basis. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and we leave all gardens in perfect condition.

Client satisfaction
6) We are proud of our record so far and have many clients who can testify to our creations, changing their lifestyles. A happy customer is our personal goal.

    m: 07770 423321
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